Pertinent Centers and Institutes

There are a number of Centers and Institutes at the University of Minnesota that provide services and unique opportunities relevant to work in precision agriculture.


Support for spatial research

U-Spatial provides expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, and spatial computing across the University. U-Spatial is part of Research Computing, a center in the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) at the University of Minnesota that consolidates management of research computing services. U-Spatial collaborates with departments and centers, seeking to meet the for spatial processing and analysis services, while creating new opportunities around spatial research, teaching, and service.

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Software, hardware, and experts to support research

The mission of MSI is to provide advanced research computing infrastructure and expertise to the University of Minnesota research and scholarly community and the State of Minnesota to advance and accelerate research and foster innovation and discoveries through advanced computing technologies, scientific computing and informatics, application development, and services.

Institue on the Environment

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable future

The Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, focusing on areas including clean water, global land use, renewable energy and climate adaptation. The institute is forging meaningful partnerships across boundaries, empowering environmental leaders, and delivering real-world solutions.

Water Resources Center

Providing leadership in freshwater management

The Water Resources Center aims to link students to water-resources professionals provide access to all the University’s water-related programs. The Center provides oversight of community-based programs and training and assistance with issues related to impaired waters, stormwater management, agricultural practices, and global water issues. The Center serves as a hub to connect University researchers to to address water resources problems at the state and national level. 

Center for Applied Phenomics

Developing opportunities to utilize phenomics for agricultural research

The Center for Applied Phenomics is a network of researchers at the University of Minnesota that are developing and applying novel approaches for high-throughput phenotyping. The Center provides training opportunities as well as access to phenotyping equipment and methods.