Commercial Services in Precision Agriculture

Sensors and Analytics

For precision agriculture applications


A locally-operated drone imagery solutions firm that specializes in drones, and camera hardware and software. The company has a strong tie with the University of Minnesota precision agriculture group. 

Sentek systems

A locally-based multi-spectral drone company.  Sentek specializes in advanced sensors design, signal processing, precision guidance, navigation, and control for UAVs.


Based in Seattle WA, this remote sensing company specializes in drone-based crop sensors for early disease detection and application monitoring. 


Based out of Chatsworth CA, TetraCam specializes in lightweight agricultural digital multi-spectral camera that are specially designed for UAV applications.

EM38 by Geonics

Based out of Ontario Canada, Geonics EM38 makes proximal sensors instruments for near-surface conductivity and geophysical survey measurements.

Veris EC/OM by Veris Technologies

Based out of Salina, Kansas, Veris Technologies designs, builds, and markets sensors and controls for precision agriculture that targets soil pH, OM and EC.


Based out of Mankato, Minnesota, Aglytix applies precision agriculture tools for improved sustainability, safety, quality and production.


Geographic Information System (GIS) Software

For precision agriculture applications

Summit by SST

A pioneer in the application of geospatial data to agriculture, SST Software provides desktop, mobile and web solutions that enable intelligent agronomic decisions, simplify recommendations delivery and ensure precision applications. With the industry’s largest standardized data set we are uniquely positioned to connect dissimilar agronomic data and deliver high-quality consumable output.

SMS by Ag Leader

Based in Ames IA, this powerful desktop software can read different yield data formats. Available both as a mobile and desktop format, SMS allows its user to make smart management decisions, using information gathered from planting through harvest.

Apex by John Deere

John Deere’s Apex software works with data and applications from John Deere's GreenStar System. It allows its user to generate VRT maps based on yield data, imagery and soil maps. 

Trimble Ag Software (formely Farm Works) by Trimble 

Both a desktop and cloud-based farm information management systems within agriculture capable of precision agriculture applications including management zones and variable rate prescriptions with mobile applications. 

GK by GK technology

Based out of Colorado and very popular among co-ops precision ag consultants, this desktop-based precision ag software is capable of precision soil sampling, subsurface drainage planning and VRT prescriptions. 



Hardware & Equipment

Rate controllers, yield monitors, auto-guidance, etc.

Ag Leader Technology

Based out of Ames, IA, Ag Leader is the maker of the original yield monitor, and it is one of the leaders in cab displays, rate controllers, guidance, autosteer devices, and wireless technology.

Raven Industries

Based out of Sioux Falls, SD, Raven makes of field computers, rate controllers, GPS guidance steering systems, and wireless technology, and is considered one of the leaders in VRT hardware


Based out of Sunnyvale, CA, Trimble provides a suite of products that include displays, controllers, auto-guidance and steering in addition to GPS correction services.


On precision agriculture

Ag Leader Insights

Insights is a magazine entirely devoted to precision farming. Designed to give you more in-depth information about what's happening today in precision agriculture, this publication will show you how you can capitalize on the technologies now available to make your operation more successful and profitable.


PrecisionAg is a diversified, independent media enterprise serving the global community using precision agriculture techniques – adjusting production inputs and practices based on in-field variability, typically through use of geographic positioning systems (GPS) and other technologies.