Recent Publications



Cao, Q, Y Miao, G Feng, X Gao, B Liu, Y Liu, F Li, R Khosla, DJ Mulla, F. Zhang. 2017. Improving nitrogen use efficiency with minimal environmental risks using an active canopy sensor in a wheat-maize cropping system. Field Crops Research 214:365-372.
Huang, S, Y Miao, F Yuan, M Gnyp, Y Yao, Q Cao, H Wang, V Lenz-Wiedemann, G Bareth. 2017. Potential of RapidEye and WorldView-2 Satellite Data for Improving Rice Nitrogen Status Monitoring at Different Growth Stages. Remote Sensing 9(3):227.
Huang, S, Y Miao, Q Cao, Y Yao, G Zhao, W Yu, J Shen, K Yu, G Bareth. 2017. Critical Nitrogen Dilution Curve for Rice Nitrogen Status Diagnosis in Northeast China. Pedosphere. In press (accepted).
Zhao, Q, S Brocks, V Lenz-Wiedemann, Y Miao, F Zhang, G Bareth. 2017. Detecting spatial variability of paddy rice yield by combining the DNDC model with high resolution satellite images. Agricultural Systems 152(1):47-57.