Supporting Staff

shujiang_kangShujiang Kang
Senior Data & Modeling Scientist
Role: Agriculture Big-data analytics, Modeling, and Computing for Precision Agriculture

Current Projects

  • In-season sensing, computer vision, and modeling to detect N deficiency
  • Big-data analytics and machine learning for precision agricluture tool development
  • Coupled real-time monitoirng and modeling for in-season nutrient prescription 
Role: GIS Specialist  |  +1 612 625 9235

Current Projects

  • Statewide tillage/erosion survey in Minnesota
  • Statewide LiDAR training in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan
  • Conservation applications of LiDAR in the upper Midwest
Dept. of Soil, Water, & Climate
Role: Crop modeling (Dr. David Mulla research group)  |  +1 612 625 0445

Current projects

  • EPIC model prediction of yield, soil water balance, and NO3-N leaching under irrigated corn-corn, corn-soybean, and corn/soybean-rye crop rotation in Minnesota
  • Prediction of yield and soil water balance in irrigated olive orchards established in Tunisia