SOIL 4111: Introduction to Precision Agriculture

Instructor(s): Dr. Ce Yang
Offered Spring semester
Overview: Precision agriculture is a developing agriculture system that is progressively changing agriculture in the United State and around the world. PA is bringing an information revolution in agriculture based on new technologies. Precise spatial and temporal management of inputs can be used to increase farm productivity, profitability, sustainability, environmental protection, food safety, and quality of life. PA applies to most agricultural systems and technological management levels.
Course Goals and Objectives: Students will be introduced to essential aspects of precision agriculture concepts including:
  • Soil and crop spatial variability
  • Tools and technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), digital elevation models (DEM), global positioning systems (GPS), sensors, variable rate machinery, software, etc.
  • Geostatistics, sampling, experimental design
  • Precision integrated crop management
  • Data acquisition, processing, and management
  • Socio-economic and e-marketing

SOIL 3416: Plant Nutrients in the Environment

Instructor(s): Dr. Yuxin Miao and Dr. Carl Rosen
Offered Spring semester
Overview: Fundamental concepts in soil fertility and plant nutrition. Discuss dynamics of mineral elements in soil, plants, and the environment. Evaluation, interpretation, and correction of plant nutrient problems.

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