About the Center


The mission of the Precision Agriculture Center is to foster the use of Precision Agriculture (PA) techniques through collaborative research, education, and outreach programs.


The Precision Agriculture Center was formed in 1995 by the late Dr. Pierre C. Robert, who was Director of the Center. Dr. David Mulla was the Associate Director for Research. Emeritus Professors Bill Larson, Dick Rust and H. H. Cheng provided significant help planning the International Conferences on Precision Agriculture from 1992 through 2006.


  • Hosted the International Precision Ag Conferences (1992-2006)
  • Published Conference Proceedings
  • Founded Journal of Precision Agriculture
  • Host visiting scientists from around the world, including China, India, Romania, Pakistan
  • Research projects included:
    • Midwestern Water Quality Project (CAP)
    • Consortium for Site Specific Management (USDA-FRA)
    • Modeling and Visualization of Remote Sensing and Terrain Data for Precision Ag (USDA-CSREES)
    • New Agricultural Risk Management Strategies using the ISO 9000/14000 management system standards (USDA-CSREES)
    • Remote Sensing of Nitrogen and Water Stress (USDA-BARD)